Yes doll face, you read that right! White after Labor Day is officially acceptable in 2018! Not that I followed that rule often, even before now. It is definitely written to be trendy this season! Of all things, it's in bootie form!!! A heavenly vision and thought to any fashionista! Go out and grab you a pair and let these streets know, you came to walk all over it.....in style!


In the words of my two year old niece, "Oooo! Its shimmer shine!" Indeed it is! YSL made a wave to follow after releasing this $10,000 over-the-knee boot in allover crystal embellishments. It's no wonder after seeing this price Aldo, Steve Madden, Forever 21, and many others made a mock up at a much more affordable price! I know to some, these shoes may seem a bit too much but to ME they are a fashionista's dream!


It's getting cold outside and what better way to stay warm and make a statement then with fur!  Whether on the sleeves of your shirt, your handbag, the charm chained to your purse, the stole thrown across your shoulder, or your coat, it's safe to say that fur is in! It's a classic that will NEVER fade. It's timeless, sexy, classy, and an easy way to turn heads!


Sounds crazy right? But, no it's true! Tassel earrings are the perfect switch up from our everyday go to studs or hoops. They can be the perfect bridge between being subtle and making a statement. Tassel earrings come in a variety of designs and colors so you can grab a pair that matches your style and personality!


Ladies, this season having a pair of red over the knee boots is the equivalent of having a 'LBD' in our closet. Despite how daring and risqué it sounds, you can work them into real life! It's a fashion forward statement that screams, "I'm sexy and I know it!" I find myself craving to wear them on days that I need to boost my ego! Don't feel as if you can't get away with this trend if you don't have long legs. There's a design that functions for every size and height when styled carefully and intently.

What's poppin'?


©2017 by Marissa Elise.