The perfect $35 party dress for all your style needs!

Are you one of those ladies that struggle recycling old clothes to recreate new looks? Oh hunny, please believe I feel you and I’ve been there plenty of times! I know it can seem terrifying and overwhelming to think outside your comfort box but its so worth it, especially when it comes to your wardrobe! I want to help you ladies think through this process with ease and confidence!

It’s an art to mixing and matching pieces to create entirely new looks that fit the differences in personalities, style, and the availability of diverse wardrobe selections that my readers my have so these rules for the most part are pretty universal!


I went for a lighter look with the dress when styling it as is, because I wanted it to be the main focus. Keep in mind that going overly gaudy with accessories and shoes can be mistaken with doing entirely too much and can make your styling choices appear overdone and cheap.

I kept it simple and cute leaving my shoulders and neckline bare, making sure not to bring too much attention to my chest and face, as I already had my hair big and natural. Paired with a 3-strap crystal bow tie black heel by Vigo Fiore, a black vintage style coin purse (gifted to me by my grandmother), silver studded chocker necklace, silver bangle bracelets, and a natural beat!


It can be difficult to get your money's worth from an evening gown or dress you wore once to a wedding, holiday work party, or one off event but with a white tee and some sneakers, that floor-grazing number can feel effortlessly cool. I know we all have a white tee lying around! It can also be worn with a white button up, a top with more flare or sleeve ruffles depending on how extreme you prefer your casual looks!

For this look, I added a basic white, three quarter length sleeve crop top with flare detailing and Chucks! I could have added more accessories or wore a red lip to play the look up since I only wore chucks, but I’ll leave all that fun to you all!


It’s no secret I prefer to have the term sexy associated with my looks and initially when I was prepping different outfits I was trying to think of a way to incorporate this piece into work style fashion, but lets face it, it was no way to downplay the amount of cleavage this dress reveals, so I went for an all business but pleasure look. All done with the concept of layering!

I started on top with a lace bralette with cross-chest straps and layered with a sheer black long sleeve top to allow the bralette to peep through and be noticed. You can go as extreme as you’d like with the strap detailing, this is just one I already had in my drawer! I loved the gold detailing on the belt so I threw that one on of course to cinch my waist and add some additional color. P.S.: You can also wear a crop style sheer top over the dress, if your going for a business casual but pleasure look.

The lower half I paired with opaque thigh high stockings with garter strap detailing to give it a schoolgirl kind of feel and my most comfortable pointy toe Steve Madden faux snakeskin strappy heels. I lastly, opted for a small briefcase purse to complete the look and let him know I’m here for business, first! ;-)

I hope this post helped you all and gave a little insight on to remix your pieces. Let me know below on how you switch up your pieces and/or any comments you’d like below! Thanks for reading!

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