Walk it like I talk it.

Walk it like I talk it

We're all familiar with the phrase do unto others as you want done unto you but I believe that concept applies in so many aspects of life. How many of us live by the advice we give others? The way we love others? The way we support others? Just the way we sit and judge others from the outside and form an opinion based on what we see, but yet don’t do the same thing to ourselves. That concept is so much deeper than the typical kindness factor that it reads on the surface.

It was a typical day for me, hanging out with friends engaging in my favorite topic of discussion, life! We talked on and on about life cycles and transitioning through them and how that correlates to finding yourself and falling in line into your purpose and it left me thinking that I said a lot about the concepts I had learned throughout life but yet I'm presently not acting on and treating myself accordingly within those notions.

I reflected for hours on how I even got to this point of not loving myself with the same energy and insight as I so easily gave others. How did I get here? I think sometimes it’s just easier to care for others and that a lot of us, myself included, sometimes don’t like looking in the mirror and dealing with the reflection with the same urgency and eagerness that we often times see in others we push! We have to stop that! It’s time to love ourselves accordingly and do for us! I wouldn’t typically call myself a lover but when I do love, I love hard, passionately and freely! And with that comes my pride aside. I am my mother’s child, and that means I give, and often times pour myself into others to help them while alienated my own needs and desires.

It’s in hindsight now that I notice by not taking my own advice, loving myself so fully, freely and supporting and committing to myself that I was hindering myself from greatness and slowing down my own progress and transition into my purpose. So I challenge all of you all after reading this to ask yourself, “Have I been hindering my own greatness with my infectious repetition of behavior?” Sounds harsh, but the reality and answer is real!

It's funny now writing this for you all to read because when I first saw these photos I had so many ideas on topics that go with the outfit but life, timing, and just random thinking and typing lead me to this topic! I know it has nothing to do with fashion and/or fit details but I still feel it necessary to say and pour into others! I say this to say do unto others as you want done to you!

…..okay! Enough of that, back to this outfit though! Would you believe I got this whole look from the thrift store for under $20?! Well yes believe it because it happened! Both items were found in the cutest consignment shop located in Fort Worth Texas called Elegante Diva. Ladies make sure you check them out! They have the cutest items and the staff is super friendly and helpful!

Top: Elegante Diva ( 4987 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, TX 76132 )

Bottoms: Elegante Diva

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Olivia James

Photographer: Kat Kromo- www.katkromo.com @katkromo

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XOXO- Marissa Elise