Throw it back then!

Nothing screams throwback like plaid and a beret hat! This whole look is nostalgic to me! I remember being younger and wanting a hat soooo bad like this after seeing my Aunt Julie in one. She's the fancy aunt who taught you how to wear mascara and had a closet full of shoes and fur coats that you couldn't wait to grow up and be like. We all have one and I'm pretty sure that's going to be me! Sorry sister in advance!

"Like totally, as if, whatever" is this plaid skirt!! Is anyone else's mind going straight to Cher from Clueless in her yellow plaid skirt-blazer combo circa 1995? Who didn't want that outfit! It was the thing of the 90's and basically my whole childhood. If you've ever wore any kind of school uniform, you can bet there was a checked-variation in there somewhere.

I am an extreme lover of plaid! It basically goes with everything and fits into every look. From blazers, to wool coats, booties and more, plaid is the hot pattern you didn't see coming. I couldn't wait to throw an outfit together with this $2 gem plaid skirt I found while thrifting! (#winning) Y’all know I love a sense of sexy and chic in my looks so to take away from the boring notion of plaid I paired it with a sheer long sleeve top and stockings. Sheer stockings bring a subtle nudge of sexy and classy when needed with most any look.

Putting this outfit together was completely nostalgic and refreshing for me. I smiled at the thought that I am finally creating a look I've been wanting to wear since I was child but didn't because I had nowhere to go while wearing it! It gave me a sense of perspective on 2 things that I feel the need to share with you all:

1. Stop caring about other people's opinion. If you want to wear something ladies, WEAR IT! I believe that we often times suppress whom we want to be out of complete fear that we will be exactly who we think we can but hold back because of the insecurities we possess! We all have a sense of style that depicts that inner us and those select pieces in our closet that cater to that thought so the next time you have an opportunity to show up and show out, "remind yourself: nobody built like you. You design yourself."-Jay-Z

2. That it's OK to take pieces of the past into the future. Don't be afraid to look back and reflect. We are surrounded by a generation and social media that preaches the notion live for now and plan for the future but it's not emphasized that through that process you need to look back! Whether for your wardrobe, that New Year’s resolution, or during those times you’re reminiscing with your friends, but it's in those moment's where we often times find our roots to ground ourselves. Stay humbled and blessed.

Photos taken by Calvin Walker

Outfit details:

Skirt: Goodwill

Top: Zara

Bra: Victoria Secret

Hat: Burlington Coat Factory

Shoes: Christmas gift

Thanks for reading,

XO- Marissa