Day to night in 5 easy steps

Ladies, I know I'm not the only one that gets dressed for a day of errands then gets a call from a girlfriend asking, "You want to go out tonight?" We want to say yes, but then realize that our outfit doesn't agree with our mood. The mind instantly panic's because we don't feel we look "dressed for the occasion" so we respond, "Girl, I am not dressed to do anything!" I say, DON'T PANIC and just say yes! I've got your back and 5 easy tips to help you create a look out of the shoes and clothes you left in your trunk and the makeup stashed in your purse!

On days full or errands I tend to go in the closet and grab the first thing that screams cute and casual but needs the least amount of ironing (yes, I know what you're thinking but I know I am not the only one). Of course, in addition it has to match the first pair of shoes I grab too (my 'ol faithful chucks)! I literally throw them on with everything.

I chose this jean, oversized, button up, patched shirt from Zara. I paired it with a pair of flower stud earrings and an oversized bracelet just to make it seem like I put in a little effort! ;-) Accessories are a great grab and go final touch to any look that can easily make or break the outfit. So choose wisely.

But, enough about that. Let's dive into how to switch it up!

1. I know it will sound simple but this trick has a way of taking you from bland to bomb!......LIPSTICK! It's an easy trick and something we all have readily available! My go to is always red! I know, I know! It sounds so cliché and biased but 'Ruby Woo' has a way of changing my whole mood!

2. While you're in that makeup bag, grab that eyeliner and mascara! Get the darkest color you can find, or really whatever color pairs well with your outfit. Darker eyeliner just tends to define the eyes more and its perfect for the ladies who don't like a full of face of makeup but still want to give 'em a little something something, lol. I'm sure it sounds obvious, but it's one of the easiest tricks to forget! Make sure to apply more than 1 layer of that mascara! We're not going on a lunch date, we're going out to serve a look honey!

3. Yes, I love my chucks but they are not cute in the bar and let's be honest, they don't really scream sex appeal! (covers eyes) It was an absolute must to switch it up big time and give the look EVERYTHING it needed with a pair of thigh high black suede boots! I love love love anything thigh high! Plus, there's something so classy, sexy, and natural about black thigh boots that make a girl feel like she can conquer the world!

4. Change earrings. I chose hoops for this look because at the time it was all I had in my car and no matter what size, they can change your whole look. They definitely give off a vibe. You can choose whatever pair is your go-to or that pair you can't seem to find anything to wear them with. The best part about jean, is that anything matches! You can make it your own and customize around it to fit your personality.

5. The greatest advice I could give, is to have a positive attitude! If you did all you can do and you tried your best to create a look and serve, know that you will have a good time regardless of what you have on! There is nothing sexier than a confident smile and a great attitude! No one knows that you scrambled through your trunk or did your makeup in less than 5 minutes to make this look work! All they see and feel is confidence! If you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you're living good! Let that be the energy you spread to the universe!

I would love your feedback! Comment below to let me know what your go-to quick fix routine consists of.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

-Marissa Elise


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